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Megan Hudlow

Megan grew up in a large family in upstate New York where she started drawing at a very early age. As a young adult, she attended and graduated from Carnegie Melon University with a degree in Fine Art. Megan studied architecture, attended drawing classes and took an interest in painting. She developed a diverse scope of subjects and styles reflected in her work today.

Upon graduation, Megan's passion for art and civic responsibility led her to join the Peace Corps in 1997. During her time in the North Pacific, she taught art classes and worked on a variety of planning and training programs in the community. Her experiences over seas galvanized her appreciation for other cultures and the environment.


She continued to do volunteer work by joining Americorps in Swan's Island, Maine. As a fellow at the Island Institute she lived and worked within a small Lobstering community while providing art classes to adults and children on the Island. She was embraced by the community and spent some of her time working on Lobster boats and clamming in the bay.

Peace Corps

After completing her work on the Island, Megan married and moved to Westchester, New York where she started a career as a product designer, designing product for such companies as Christopher Radko, Grasslands Road, Lillian Vernon, and Gemmy Industries. Megan soon started a family in 2004 and now freelances from home.

Megan currently lives in Texas with her husband and 2 children.


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