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Home Portfolio Artist Bio Resume Cribe a combination of the drugs capecitabine (brand name xeloda) and lapatinib (brand name tykerb), which has had its successes. In this clinical trial, nearly 1,000 patients were divided into two groups: one got the standard capecitabine plus lapatinib treatment; the other group got the experimental drug. Women getting t-dm1 had 9. 6 months of progression-free survival, the time between starting the treatment and the cancer getting worse again, compared with 6. 4 months in the standard therapy group. That's a median improvement of three months. This may not seem like a long time, but as dr. Eric winer of the dana-farber cancer institute in boston explains, it means a lot to the individual patient. viagra canada online "i've had patients on this drug for one, two, three years," he explained. Winer says that if a patient gets an additional three months before the tumors start growing again each time she goes through a treatment cycle, that can add up to almost a year. Some doctors don't know long-term side effects of cancer care blackwell says that after two years, 65% of women getting t-dm1 were still alive, compared with 48% in the control group. And even though this drug is not a cure, many oncologists call these trial results a "huge deal. viagra 25 mg no prescription " that's because another significant benefit with t-dm1 was the lack of significant side effects and better quality of life. cheap viagra online Women on t-dm1 did not suffer the usual and often grueling chemotherapy side effects seen in the other group: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, painful hand-foot syndrome and hair loss. Blackwell said the types of side effects they did have were the kind only a doctor would notice. "it really changed their whole outlook on what it meant to be on cancer treatment," said blackwell, who treats patients at duke university. She added that seeing this benefit for her patients was incredibly rewarding as a breast cancer doctor. buy viagra online This is the first group of (breast cancer) patients where we have to worry about fixing their hair for media interviews. It's huge deal for these patients. viagra online " "it's producing very promising results, and as someone who sees a ton of patients, what i'm really excited about is the side effect profile," said dr. Jennifer litton, who treats breast cancer patients at the m. D. cheap viagra Anderson cancer center in houston but who was not involved in the study. generic viagra canada "it's significantly better than most chemotherapy drugs that we're giving. viva viagra commercial "this trial is showing pretty impressive results on the tip of the iceberg where immune therapy can take us," litton said. Dr. Louis weiner, director of georgetown university's lombardi comprehensive cancer center, agrees, calling t-dm1 a "magic bullet. viagra for sale nz " "it represents the fruition of a concept that was advocated more than c years ago by paul ehrlich, the famous immunologist and nobel prize winner, who dreamed of creating basically trojan horses that would be welcomed into the cell but would be dragging somet. viagra for sale nz Contact

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