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Ially for the treatment ofcraniosynostosis in infants. The concept of using minimallyinvasive surgery to remold the skull is not new and dates backto the early part of the century when neurosurgeons performedstrip craniectomies to remove abnormal, premature suturefusions. generic viagra Today the endoscopic cranial vault remodeling tech-nique involves more than a simple strip craniectomy through asmall endoscopic port. buy viagra online It is a wide sutural excision combinedwith lateral osteotomies and osteoectomies that allow for nor-malization of the cranial skeleton. generic viagra canada paypal The endoscopic surgery iscombined postoperatively with helmet molding therapy to nor-malize calvarial form completely. buy generic viagra Endoscopic cranial vault remodeling has several distinctadvantages over conventional reconstruction techniques. Theendoscopic approach reduces scarring and alopecia risks anddecreases operative time, blood loss, and hospital stay. viagra yahoo spam Meanoperative time is less than 1 hour compared with approxi-mately 3 hours with the conventional open approach. Insteadof a typical 5-day postoperative course with an intensive careadmission, endoscopic patients are being discharged on thefirst postoperative day26. More than 90% of patients under-going open calvarial surgery require transfusion27 comparedwith 10% with endoscopic treatment. 26 shorter operative time,reduced hospital stay, fewer blood products, and the elim-ination of internal plating systems all add up to decreasedoverall cost of the procedure. viagra canada The disadvantages of endoscopicprocedures are that the surgery needs to be performed at ayoung age, preferably before 4 months. generic viagra in us This is because thecranial bones are thin enough to allow osteotomies withendoscopic shears. In addition, there is less bleeding withbone cutting due to the underdevelopment of the cancellousspace between the two cortices of the skull. cheap viagra 100mg canada Last, there is theadded expense of the cranial orthotic molding helmet aswell as the prolonged and frequent postoperative follow-up (8–15 months) with endoscopic surgery patients to insure cranialform is normalizing. generic viagra in usa Preoperative concernspatients presenting f. generic viagra canada paypal viagra buy no prescription Home Portfolio Artist Bio Resume Contact

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