Netically predisposed to the development of calcium oxalate bladder stones. viagra samples Most calcium oxalate stones develop in cats between ages 5 and 14 years. 35% of cats with calcium oxalate bladder stones have elevated blood calcium (hypercalcemia). Cats with calcium oxalate bladder stones tend not to have crystals in their urine while those with struvite stones tend to have struvite crystals. Cats with calcium oxalate stones tend not to have bladder infections and to have acid urine ph on their urinalysis. l-arginine natural viagra     how to get rid of the stones cystotomy (surgical removal) the fastest way to resolve a bladder stone issue is to remove the stones surgically. discount pharmacy viagra To accomplish this, the cat is anesthetized and an incision made through the belly. The bladder is lifted into view, opened, and stones are removed. Cultures to rule out infection are obtained if not done previously. viagra super active real The bladder is closed in several layers. viagra duration of action The belly is closed and the patient is awakened. Pain medication and antibiotics are routinely used after surgery. The patient usually remains hospitalized for a day or two to observe urination. The stones are sent to the lab for analysis. It is normal for some blood to be evident in the urine for several days after surgery. Cystoscopy a less invasive method involves using a cystoscope to remove stones from the bladder; it is a long skinny instrument with a small basket-like retrieval accessory. viagra generic This can only be done with small stones and can only be done in female cats. ordering generic viagra in canada For larger stones, laser lithotripsy can be used to break the stone into smaller pieces which can be removed or passed. viagra after alcohol Laser lithotripsy requires the cystoscope laser to be in contact with the stone so, again, the cat must be female; the male cat's urethra is too small for a cystoscope. Voiding urohydropropulsion this technique can work if the stones are small enough to pass through the patient's urethra. The cat is sedated, the bladder is distended with fluid, agitated, and manually expressed under pressure. By positioning the sedated patient vertically, gravity "loads" the stones in the neck of the bladder, positioned for expulsion. viagra canada online When the bladder is expressed, often stones can be passed that might otherwise have stayed in the bladder. Larger stones cannot be passed using this technique. Using diet to dissolve a calcium oxalate stone is not possible. Once a stone has been retrieved, it can be submitted to the laboratory for analysis. After it is confirmed as calcium oxalate, the goal.  


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